Is it worth to get a refurbished Laptop?

depend on the way of use, if you just need a laptop as desktop replacement, the answer is yes.

here is why:
let’s compare a refurbished DELL E6420 notebook ($420 CAD ish) with HP 250 G6 15.6" LCD Notebook ($580 CAD ish)

  1. the obvious – Pricing: not much in this case, but you still save over $100
  2. the CPU – Refurb DELL E6420 notebook comes with INTEL Core i7-2620m 2.7GHz, the HP 250 G6 15.6" LCD Notebook - Intel Core i3 (6th Gen) i3-6006U Dual-core (2 Core) 2 GHz, check the benchmark compare with newer i3 CPU (, and the result is yes, this old i7 still outperform the new i3
  3. Memory: 8GB Vs 4GB (the refurb might still use the DDR3, but you do get more RAM, which is good thing for running multiple programs.
  4. Storage: The refurb comes with 180GB SSD vs 500GB HDD on new laptop, yes, you have more storage, but the trade-off is the speed. depend on how you use it, you can always add an external HDD for data backup.
  5. Windows 10 Pro Vs Windows 10 home, for office work that require some level of remote access, the pro is the way to go.

only draw-back with refurbished one could be weight, as old model laptops are generally heavier.
as for the warranty, consumer level laptops usually get 1 year with manufacturers, as for the refurbished one, 1 year with refurbished, so no big difference here.

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