FHD or 4K Monitor

FHD monitor 4K Monitor
Resolution 1920 x 1080 3840 X 2160 (Consumer) or 4096 x 2160 (Cinema)
Price It is possible to get brand new monitor with FHD at around $100 You normally looking at $500+
Cable requirement VGA will do, so do DVI, HDMI and Displayport For true 4K, you need at least HDMI or Displayport
Other requirement Any current PC, Mac or Mobile device should have no issue play back FHD contents higher resolution means more data has to be processed, so dedicated video card (or higher end on-board one) is needed to play 4K contents smoothly

Why you choose FHD monitor.
(1). 1st and for most, you don't need 4K contents.
if you are contents first, qualify 2nd, then anything as long as you are not pixel peeping person, the FHD is good enough for you.

(2). You have rather limited budget.

(3). Regular office work (office suits, general image and video viewing – as for more of the contents rather than Quality)

(4). You have old machine that can't play back 4K contents smoothly and you are not willing to upgrade it yet.

(5). the monitor you required is under 24", and you don't like tiny text with your source's default font size, with fixed size, higher resolution means smaller default font size.

Why you choose 4K monitor
(1). You do have $500+ budget to spend ;)

(2). You like pixel peeping on images. for you, higher resolution the better.

(3). You want bigger than 24" display (higher resolution meaning you have less "pixilation" when viewing closer)

(4). Your machine can run 4K contents with ease. (Games or Videos)

(5). you have faster enough internet to play vast 4K contents on the web – which is where you can get the benefit of 4K monitor.

(6). Your work requires 4K display - obviously LOL.

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