PC recommendations for 24-7 4K video playback

I'm trying to prepare a quote for a client on a video kiosk that will be playing back 4K video 24-7.

I've only had a chance to test using an older i5 Intel NUC which work but at 70% CPU usage and 80C+ temps don't think it represents a viable solution.
Can any video hardware experts suggest a better alternative?


  • CameronCameron FrontierPC Staff

    Hello art3mis, I would look at the Lenovo ThinkCentre Tiny. These are 7" x 7" x 2" PC with better CPU than the NUC, better cooling than the NUC and if you look at the new models with AMD's Ryzen 2200G or 2400G, come with onboard RX Vega GPU that is about twice as powerful as anything Intel has to offer currently.

    You can find these on our site by searching for 'M715q'.

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    Thanks. Definitely under consideration but this one review doesn't seem to give a very favorable review of performance and thermals. Is this the same device?

  • Hello, art3mis, just a question, are you only open to this tiny/nuc form factor or something bit bigger is ok? we also offer many custom options, if your are open to these options, we can reach out and see what options we can provide for you.

  • Another thing worth mention before you spend any extra money is check what 4K video player you are using, some have the option to choose using CPU or GPU to encode/decode videos.

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